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Boston Bombing - Is God to Blame?

Horrific events, such as the Boston Marathon Bombing, can lead to questions of blame. Who receives blame for the Boston Marathon Bombing? Is God to blame? What about man's free-will? And an even deeper question, "Why is there evil in the world?"

Together with the world, we condemn the perpetrators for their evil and appalling attack on innocent lives. We place blame on them because they had the choice to do good and to benefit their fellow man, but instead they chose evil, malice and hatred. For all those who chose to support, volunteer and come to the aid of their fellow man, we commend them for their decision to do good.

Death of Child

Where do children go when they die?
What hope is there for parents?
Will you ever see your child again?

When a young child dies, parents are left with sorrow-filled hearts and feelings of despair. Many questions arise and answers are sought to heal their brokenness, but peace is rarely attained. In light of the tragic shootings that occurred in Newtown, CT resulting in the death of 20 children, this short video by John Moore has been designed to comfort and provide hope. It explains what happens to young children when they die, offering encouragement to any parent who has lost a young child. God has made it possible for parents to know where the souls of their children are today and has provided hope in a future reunion with them, according to His will.